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Choose From 5 Varieties of Natural Mulberry Papers
Nature's Garden is the mulberry paper headquarters.  Our papers are available in standard cut sizes as well as full sheet sizes.  Each sheet is hand poured onto a wire screen and then allowed to dry in the hot sun over Thailand.
Mulberry is surprisingly soft to the touch, yet very durable.  Handmade papers have many uses; cut them up into invitations, notecards or other do-it-yourself paper projects.
Note: Every sheet of mulberry paper is hand made.  Slight color variations and design variations are to be expected.
Our mulberry papers are eco-friendly and acid free.
Most large sheet sizes measure at least 26" x 48" (Exceptions below) and have deckled edges on 4 sides. Smaller sizes are machine cut with straight edges on all 4 sides.
If you need sheets cut to a certain dimension, we'll cut down any size to your specified size for free.  Just make a note when placing your order.
Choose From 5 Varieties of Natural Mulberry Papers